Listen: Steph Saraj – 'Get Stupid'

'Get Stupid' is a playful R&B release, one that's highly club focused with an urban and dancehall styling. Steph talked to Chris Sharpe about how it all came together.


Steph Saraj's influences range far and wide, from Nicole Scherzinger to Toni Braxton. He's previously been played on Amazing Radio, as well as getting a distribution deal for his 'Anxious Heart' EP. Hailing from the Netherlands, Steph is a prime example of hard work and passion paying off, as writing never came naturally to him, though you'd never guess that from his new release, 'Get Stupid'.

“I wanted to write something dumb, just get stupid and write," says Steph Saraj about the track. "I randomly started singing the chorus and that’s when the song was born. The beat made me want to dance and get mad at someone. I look different and all my life I’ve been getting looks from everyone, every day, and it’s these moments that fuelled my attitude when writing this one."