Review: Victoria’s Flight – Paradise

Review by Lewis Abbott

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Matt Robertson and Craig Harkness, childhood friends from Glasgow, released the pre-summer smash ‘Paradise’ on 28 March. The shining indie-pop banger is nicely pieced together in terms of both production and songwriting, with an infectious chorus and a subtle mix of groove and grit. Under the name Victoria’s Flight, this release is the group’s first since 2017. If that means they’ve spent the past two years writing a collection of tunes in the same vein as this one, it’s not been time wasted.

The track rifles its way through 3.25 minutes with vocals bursting in almost from the off, alongside glowing rhythm guitar sitting left while clever hooky lead lines stand proud stage right. The chorus comes in reminiscent of early Two Door and Wombats, which, although perhaps an unwanted comparison, blurs the boundaries between white-socked-rolled-jeans indie and middle-England pop-rock with a mainstream commercial appeal. Melodies render themselves memorable from start to finish, with solid harmonies and counterparts packing the chorus with raw late-noughties nostalgia. The release rolls through a story of love and loss with the lyrics: “I wish you were mine tonight” worming their way into your ear. As the track moves into its closing minute, guitars stray from rich to raucous, as if it were recorded straight from the desk at a hometown sellout. 

‘Paradise’ is the first of three singles that will roll out over the next few weeks, and I’ll be watching the band’s Spotify profile. Victoria’s Flight have constructed one straight for the playlist and I pray the remaining releases are in the same vein. Having played Glasgow’s King Tuts on 15 April, the boys are back on the city playing Broadcast on 11 May. Come down south boys, save me the six-hour trip!

Words by Lewis Abbot @LewisAbbott_

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