5 Tracks: Eliza Shaddad / Possible Oceans / Joe Fraley / Average Joe / Milo Greene

Eliza Shaddad - This is My Cue


It’s been a long time coming but finally an album is in sight. Eliza has been on a steady rise and the evidence from all the recent releases is that the record will cement her road to stardom. 

Possible Oceans - What’s Coming To Me

possible oceans.jpg

A grinding and progressive barn-burner from LA’s Possible Oceans who are led by singer/guitarist Trevor O’Neill and long-time songwriting partner Daniel Berkman. Keep an ear out for the magical Radiohead influences

Joe Fraley - Ba Ba Ba

Joe Fraley.jpg

Joe Fraley. We just had to include this. The first impression is of a nice song of the sort you would expect from the likes of Bell X1 — and then it all goes bonkers. Refreshing and totally original.

Average Joe - Cross My Heart

average joe.png

What a fantastic track from newcomer Average Joe. I didn't know what to expect as the video began but was hooked all the way through. It’s a beauty of a song with a vintage feel, revamped with a modern twist.

Milo Greene - Young At Heart

milo greene.jpg

This little pop number has it all thrown in, displaying influences such as Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen and Yumi Zouma. With its thumping bass line and fantastic chorus, this one makes you want to go on a long drive with the windows down! Follow Milo Greene