Spotify 'Hot Picks' Playlist Update: BRIDGES / Knife Club / Bonze / Maigret Jnr / The Lighthouse

Over the last few weeks we dug out some gems on and here are the results featuring words by Chris Sharpe & Emily Thomas (Lost in the Manor) + guest reviews via Fin Ryan of Big House Music / Folk This Events.


Chris: This is the second BRIDGES track we have featured on LITM. Just like 'Maths Science & English', we have an indie rock-pop banger on our hands. It's a great journey from start to finish accompanied by a perfectly polished vocal via frontman Ethan Proctor. These lads could be a force to be reckoned with live – I'm keen to find out.

Emily: A raw soft-rock number that builds into an impressive crescendo. The song grows on you with each listen – it already feels stadium ready.

Fin: It’s very well produced – the guitar layering and vocal mixing hooks you right in. A bit of a cross between Foals and Biffy Clyro.

Fin: This has an in-your-face punk sound, which is making a way back into the mainstream once again thanks to bands like Slaves, Touts and The Wood Burning Savages.

Chris: God, this one makes me feel like I'm 18/20 all over again and I'm guessing that’s going to be the case for a lot of us who shared the same youthful drinking days. The Knife Club lads have kept things simple but effective here, with nice straight gang vocals on the chorus while smashing you with the fast riffs from the get-go. Good job!

Emily: A short and snappy single that has a large impact. Another to add to the list of punk bands to watch out for over the next few years.

Emily: Bursting with swagger and groove, perfect for fans of Mini Mansions. You can’t resist the urge to dance.

Fin: Smooth vibes. I love the Eighties Frusciante-esque guitar tones. Sounds like early Nineties RHCP, or Tame Impala.

Chris: Right, let's just state before we start that I'm a rubbish dancer but I'd def do my best if this poptastic Eighties-influenced track came on the speakers. What a raunchy and funky groove this bad-boy has got. From the offset, you know what you are getting into. At a young age, Bonze are producing some great music here.

Fin: This sounds like a lo-fi, more artistic, less pop version of Example. A nice chill and groove, if a bit unnerving

Chris: It's dark, moody and all synthy, I bet Greg from Cocoa Futures is going to love this track. The layers are just immense. One minute you think Nick Cave just bumped into Underworld for a beer and then they go clubbing at the end. Fantastic, bring on the EP.

Emily: Atmospheric and original, the vocal performance is very strong and leads us through the track’s various twists and turns.

Chris: When you first listen to The Lighthouse, you can close your eyes and convince yourself that we have a new cool Dalston indie band on our hands. But they actually come from Belgium (refreshing). ‘Catch Fire’ has very smooth production and is super catchy. After having a good amount of success in the Low Countries, The Lighthouse’s debut album should lead to them being a UK staple also.

Emily: Following the 80s palette of British alt-pop, The Lighthouse are heading in the right direction for pop stardom.

Fin: The overall sound of the track is a bit like a watered-down version of The 1975. It’s a good song and well produced but I think it needs a bit more originality.

Words by Chris Sharpe, Emily Thomas, Fin Ryan

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