5 Tracks: Chloe Foy / Bridges / Tiger Mimic / Seaker / Nights Out

Author: Chris Sharpe



As much as I love a bit of rock, acoustic music always has a deep connection. It’s just relaxing and there is nothing like a bit of early Gemma Hayes (if you know what I mean). So here we are with this beautiful little number by Chloe Foy. The vocals are dream-like and everything floats along perfectly with the video, which is touching in itself. Being a Londoner this does make me want to go straight to the coast, go fishing and escape, just as Chloe has done here. Chloe is a fine artist who deserves some serious recognition.



Starting with pounding drums and a catchy verse, there’s instantly lots of potential in ‘Maths, Science & English’. The track bubbles along with pristine haunting backing vocals – the “woo hoo hoo” will be stuck in your head in no time. The chorus is huge but soft and dark all at the same time You can imagine Bridges playing venues that are well above 200 capacity in no time at all.



The introductory bass and guitars make you feel as if you should swagger into a smoking room, all suited and booted like in a gangster movie, but then you realise you’re in an Amstrad 64 time-warp instead. It’s all very confusing but I like it. The gang-style vocals work great together and are the key amalgamation. I tried to listen multiple times and each time I enjoyed the track, but I just kept getting sucked in to that elephant video and forgetting the lyrics. It still all works just fine. Well done Tiger Mimic.



After the dark smashings of Bridges and the spooky Elephant Skeletons of Tiger Mimic, it’s suddenly all got chilled with Seaker’s ‘Fireworks’. Kiran Hungin has created a great track. There’s a fantastic use of space in the production – it’s moody, emotional and the video is a mesmerising watch, heightening the listen tenfold.

Nights Out - Would I Lie

It’s so easy to get absorbed in this one instantly. Great camera work and choreography form the dust encrusted Gollum style dancer. The song itself is a rushing tsunami of crashing guitars that builds beautifully and drops at the perfect moment. I expect these guys to be an exciting live band that you can imagine in a huge venue. This fall, Nights Out released their new single “Would You Lie” that came out together with a live video. The band is set to release their second single, called “Aquarium” in October this year.