Interview/Listen: Gringo Star - Get Closer

Nice to meet you Gringo Star - Get Closer is a fun track, tell us about the recording process, any cool stories involved?

'Get closer' was actually an unusual one for us. Usually we kind of play an instrument and sit down and fish around for something but with this song it actually just popped into my head one day. I kept humming it and eventually sat down at the piano and in not more than 15 minutes had finished it. Usually songs will take me much longer to work out but this one just really seemed to come naturally. It was actually one of the last songs we recorded on the album and was also very quick to record. It's not very complicated compared to some of our other tunes, but just has a nice driving momentum throughout. 

I played a gig in The Spice Of Life in London around 10 years ago with you I think, is this the same band?

Wow! No way! Yeah we played there a few years back. I think that's the night me and our old guitar player decided to let our ride go and somehow had faith we would find a place to hang out all night, but things didn't work out quite like we had expected and we ended up wandering around Camden all night freezing. Hahaha. 

You are on a monster tour of the US, any plans to hit the UK?

Yeah for sure.  We love Europe and haven't been able to make it over there for a few years, but we are planning to sometime early next year. 

If a new band wants to come and play in the US can you recommend a good starting point? 

New York is probably a good starting point because flights there are usually  the best price from Europe and there are a bunch of cities that aren't too spread out in the north east to hit with somewhat short drives.

What's next for Gringo Star?

We just started this three month headlining tour, so we'll be on the road for a while and then most likely  try to come to Europe.  Then hopefully do some festivals next spring and summer and keep on making records.