Listen/review: White – Step Up

Words by Tim Hakki @TimHakki

Glaswegian art rockers White are proving to be the most capricious and inventive group in the UK right now. Their music up to this point has incorporated an impressive array of different moods, calling to mind Roxy Music, Talking Heads, Giorgio Moroder, Bowie, Franz Ferdinand, LCD Soundsystem, and Funkadelic (thanks to frontman Leo’s impressive caterwauling). At a time when bands are sounding hopelessly homogeneous, there’s something deeply refreshing about White’s constant but cohesive reinvention. Latest track ‘Step Up’ is their least conventional. Sidechain compression (à la house music) gives the verses a dirty pumping bass before Leo’s hellish screams take us into a joyfully batshit chorus. This is the sound of White exorcising their demons. If you listen closely, you can almost hear some shit hitting the proverbial fan.

White release Cuts That Don't Bleed on vinyl this autumn