Watch/review: Goat – I Sing In Silence

Words by Matthew Doyle. @mmmmdoyle

In the sometimes overly polluted air that life in a major city can bring, the world sound that Goat deliver can take you to an oasis of musical influences, sometimes tricking your mind into believing you're in that paradise of green and gold foliage rather than the concrete jungle of grey and rain. The diversity of Goat is what makes them so appealing, drawing influence from African music as well as Spanish and Native American sounds. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were trekking through a lush forest while listening to it. ‘I Sing in Silence’, the A-Side from Goat's latest single, brings back the vitality and freshness of music that fans of the Swedish band have come to love and is a perfect addition to any summer listening.

I Sing In Silence is out now on Rocket Recordings